• Sports Play 602-503 Heavy Duty Picnic Table - 6 Aluminum

Sports Play 602-503 Heavy Duty Picnic Table - 6 Aluminum

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Brand SportsPlay Equipment
SportsPlay Equipment is known for fun equipment of exceptional safety and durability. Since 1996 SportsPlay has been focused on maintaining the best value on the playground and in the neighborhood. We offer an unparalleled diversity in our product line - ranging from classic and modern play equipment to a full sports line and a new offering of thermoplastic site amenities. Were sure to have what you need for your play environment.

All Site Amenity products shall be fabricated from steel tubing that is galvanized using a unique triple layer Flo-Coat galvanizing process. This process adds a conversion coating to passivate the zinc and a clear polymer topcoat that reduces the general corrosion rate of the zinc. This synergy between the coatings allows the zinc to be more effective in protecting uncoated edges through the self-sacrificial galvanic effect.

  • Color: Blue Green Black Brown Red Tan.
  • Dimensions: 72L x 10W x 12H.
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