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ONTEL Chill Chest Cooler â€" 60 Cans, Collapsible, Insulated, Lightweight, Portable, Waterproof â€" Great for Parties, Picnics, Camping, Beach.

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Brand Ontel
Ordinary cooler are too heavy, need ice and makes your food soggy when the ice melts! Chill Chestâ ¢ is the revolutionary cooler that s lightweight, foldable and keeps things ice cold up to 10 hours without any ice at all! Chill Chestâ ¢ has a 41-quart capacity and fits up to 60 cans! It even keeps things frozen for hours â€" NO ICE REQUIRED! It weighs less than 2 lbs, so it s easy to take with you anywhere! Perfect for Outdoor Parties, BBBQs, Sports Events, Picnics, Beach Outings, Camping, Boating & More! Even on a hot beach, ice cream stays ice cold and ready to enjoy! The secret is the temperature-lock technology with interwoven Polypropaline cells that trap the cold inside! Chill Chestâ ¢ keeps this fresh, frozen and ready to enjoy HOURS longer than ordinary coolers! It s durable and strong enough to hold up to 100X its weight, yet light enough to hold two of them over your head! Chill Chestâ ¢ has enough room to hold food & drinks ice cold up to 10 hours! Chill Chestâ ¢ easily folds flat in seconds for convenient storage! It s the perfect space-saving cooler to keep in your car! Keep your groceries fresh so you don't t have to rush home after shopping! Chill Chestâ ¢ also locks in the temperature on hot foods to keep hot food piping hot for hours! Perfect for getting hot dishes to parties!
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